About Dragoo Construction


We are a professional building contractor firm based in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Meet The Founder

Blake Dragoo is a Texas native who decided to put his trades to work here in Dallas/Fort Worth. Dragoo Construction grew into a premier general contractor firm in DFW through mainly referrals and relationships based on a job well done.

“Blake and his team might as well be called perfectionists when it comes to doing a job. They put getting the job done right and staying within budget above all else.”

Shane ThompsonFounder of GHG Construction
President, Founder

Blake Dragoo

“Dragoo Construction really started to grow by accident. I got tired of doing a great job for the one thing we did on a build and our clients not having a perfect finished project because of someone else cutting corners,” explains Blake.

Dragoo Construction was tired of hearing the line “your build is only as good as your worst contractor” and knew they had to grow into a multi-trade specialist. Now, when a job has to get done, Dragoo Construction does the entire job, from start to finish, to finally ensure the customer experience and the finished product.

At the end of the day, Blake Dragoo is about making sure clients’ dreams and visions turn into reality and he doesn’t stop until they do. He built a company that is not about being right, but GETTING IT RIGHT. His service-first approach keeps clients in the know, up to speed, and efficiently navigates the build process.

“Building projects should be exciting and fun, not a stressful life event.”

Passion for Perfection

For Dragoo Construction, it's not about "being right", it's about GETTING IT RIGHT! This means that our attention to detail is unparalleled and we don't stop until the job is done right. This requires focus and a culture build on doing the right thing for our client.

With every new project, it is an opportunity to prove that the building process can be exciting and stress free with great results.


Put our clients first with NO EXCEPTIONS

by focusing on our client’s experience throughout the build as the build itself.


Always OVER DELIVER to our clients

which means going the extra mile in every detail for a finished product that exceeds expectations.


Build things that INSPIRE people

by using advanced products, skilled craftsmen, and years of experience to interpret a vision into its highest potential, in each and every build.